Teams I am Considering

July 12, 2008

The input has been awesome and I have read every post.  I have also read a lot of history on the teams and watched evertthing I can on TV.  I have been meaning to update everyone on what I am thinking, and since Tina asked, I better do it now!

Aston Villa – The Englishmen at the local pub all say I will end up choosing Aston Villa.  I have to say they are definitely in the lead!  Their owner is an American who started his career at the same company I did, they play in a working class city like where I grew up, they have a history of sucess, and i love that they are not selling the rights to their jersey, they are donating it to a charity this year.

Aresenal – I am not sure what attracts me to them other than they are the first team that I read their entire history on.  They are obviously successful and I like the their story.  The Brits tell me they may as well play in France b/c they have so much French on the team….I am not sure I like that. 

Sunderland – This is one of the teams that some of the guys a the pub support.  Great fan base.  I just don’t know that I have anything in common with the town itself.

Swansea City sounds good b/c they are Welsh and in the top leag, but not sure they are going to be able to overtake the other two.

Other teams in other leagues I am interested in.

Rangers, River Plate and Boca Juniors

What do you guys think about these teams?  Can I support 2 teams in the Premier League?


2 Responses to “Teams I am Considering”

  1. Rhys Says:

    It’s got to be Swansea City. We might not have the glamour of the bigger teams (well maybe more than Sunderland!), but we have won two trophies in the last three seasons, unlike any of your others shortlisted!

    I think it’s more fun to support lower league teams, as when you get a victory over a big club, it means more. When the likes of Man U, Chelsea or Arsenal don’t win the league every year, it’s regarded as a failure; for us, we don’t expect to do brilliantly, so anything’s a bonus. We’ve just had our best season since I’ve been old enough to follow football (despite a hilarious loss to the mighty Havant & Waterlooville in the FA cup), and enter the championship with a cosmopolitan squad who play flowing, passing football and take more shots than any other team in the professional game, and the only non-British manager outside the Premier League.

    We aren’t in massive debt like other clubs, and about 16% of the club is owned by our Supporters’ Trust, of which I’m proud to be a member. We’ve got a brilliant new stadium, great away support, and we’ve even got our own song, an almost C&W track which refers to our glory days in the late seventies and early eighties (and to our old stadium, but never mind).

    So join the Jack Army, and support the super Swans!

  2. JN Says:

    Been following Sunderland myself. Had a terrific experience seeing their opener last season (1-0 over Tottenham) at SOL. Good city, stadium & fans on the NE English coast made for a memorable trip. Should be interesting to see if Roy Keane has managed to upgrade the club for this season. If you’re not expecting a run at the title yet, then Sunderland is a fine choice.

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